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Possibility to acquire the  EU Citizenship

Significant opportunities of doing business

Attractive and transparent  tax regime

Opportunities to invest in growth sectors of economy

High quality of life

Ideal strategic location

Robust and transparent legal  framework

1. Possibility to acquire the Cypriot Citizenship , The fastest  in the EU  procedure – from 3  to 6 months, and  therefore the Citizenship of the European Union, consequently

  • Travel Visa-free in 146 countries, including Canada and Australia (according
  • Enjoy all the rights of the EU citizen: permission to reside, work, do business and study everywhere in the Europe Union.

2. Significant opportunities of doing business

  • Economic stability. The government’s commitment to the continuous introduction of progressive measures for reform and growth 1,6 % in 2015 has resulted in the impressive recovery of the Cypriot economy, much earlier than expected.
  • Ιdeal strategic location. Cyprus is ideal investment gateway in the European Union as well into the Middle East, India and China; market access to more than 500 million EU citizens.
  • Attractive and transparent tax regime. Τhe lowest in the EU corporate tax – 12,5%, exemption on disposal of securities, no capital gain tax, no withholding tax and etc.
  • Robust and transparent legal and regulatory framework, based on English Common Law principles.

3. Opportunities to invest in growth sectors of the economy, such as:

  • Real Estate. Property sales have increased significantly in 2016. Cyprus continues to offer unique options for beautiful holiday homes and at the same time, a wide range of prestigious Large-Scale Development opportunities are available, ranging from residential and commercial developments, to luxury tourist attractions, such as marinas, golf courses, tourist resorts.
  • Energy. The discovery of hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) has created new and exciting prospects for Cyprus to become an energy hub in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Tourism. Being one of Cyprus’ most resilient and strong economic sectors, tourism continuously experiences substantial growth, translated into a number of more than 2.5milion tourists visiting Cyprus every year.
  • Shipping. Cyprus is a renowned International Shipping Centre and home to some of the world’s leading names in the global shipping industry, such as the Italian MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, the German-owned Bernhard Schulte Ship management and the Russian Unicom Management Services.
  • Banking, Financial Services and Funds. Banks located in Cyprus offer an array of services ranging from asset management, private banking, international, corporate and investment banking, retail banking, syndicated loans, custodian services and more.
  • Information and Communication technologies. The government of Cyprus has identified ICT as one of the country’s priority growth sectors and has developed a Digital Strategy and Action Plan for immediate implementation.

4. High quality of life

  • clean and healthy environment;
  • low crime levels;
  • year-round sunshine;
  • first class EU health care and educational system.

Safety is amongst the biggest advantages of Cyprus, which has been ranked the safest smaller country in Value Penguin’s Safest Countries in the world (2015) and fifth worldwide.